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Products: Masking Sheets

The original pre-ruled masking sheet with
genuine Base-Line quality

Since 1948, Base-Line has offered the finest labor saving pre-ruled masking sheets, which are all based on press manufacturer specifications. Base-Line's industry standard 1/4 inch grids and unique reference marks enable accurate film positioning and reduce make-overs caused by stripping errors.

Base-Line pre-ruled masking sheets start with the highest quality substrates including goldenrod paper and orange vinyl. The premium grade of paper stock lies flat, cuts clean, and provides light blocking characteristics, yet is translucent enough for light tables. Orange vinyl provides additional archival stability, durability and tape release properties. Base-Line prints masking sheets one-up on oversize stock to ensure sheet-to-sheet register.

The sheets are then trimmed with precision so there is no image spread or deviation. Always accurate and always square, Base-Line masking sheets are consistent from package-to-package, order-to-order.


  • Available pre-ruled for more than 100 presses.
  • Printed on premium goldenrod masking enamel that lays flat and cuts clean.
  • Selected sheets available in orange vinyl mask for increased stability, durability, and tape release properties.
  • All substrates offer excellent light blocking characteristics.
  • Include all reference lines needed for accurate negative positioning.
  • Printed one-up for uncompromising registration and accuracy.
  • Available unruled in quantities of 100 or 500 sheets.